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Frequently Asked Questions

Dirt and soil are considered soluble. Grease and oil are insoluble. What’s the difference? Dirt and soil can be dissolved in water or liquid, and then vacuum extracted from the carpet fibers. Grease and oil tend to stay right where it is. Unless you use a professional to clean your carpets. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods approach both soluble and insoluble substances in your carpet.

Area rugs can trap allergens, dust, and pollutants. Every time you step on it, you’ll release these particles into the air. Area rugs often see significant foot traffic. It’s important to remove the dirt—but with the appropriate amount of suction to pull out soil to prevent fibers from being pulled out, too. We’ve got the years of experience it takes to know the different tolerances rug fibers have to specific cleaning processes. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions. 

We understand how to clean carpet because we’ve taken the time to know how it’s made. Almost all carpets can be repaired. The only way we can give you a definite answer is to examine the damage. We’ll be honest and upfront about our ability to repair it. It’s in our best interests. We want you to call us back to clean it again!

Take a look at your sofa and chairs. You’ll likely see discoloration on the arms and the back. The fabric absorbs the oils in our skin and hair. We’re trained to inspect and determine the best way to clean your upholstery. We may use one or more of three methods:

  • Don’t be alarmed if we suggest steam cleaning. It’s not what you think. Steam isn’t even applied. This method is used to remove soluble soil. We apply a fine mist of water and special upholstery soap—which is sprayed onto the fabric and instantly vacuumed up.
  • We may suggest shampooing. Our technicians will apply water and upholstery soap with a rotary brush. This cleans the surface only. It doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the fabric as steam cleaning.
  • Fabric that’s been soiled and discolored by oil from your skin and hair may need to be dry cleaned. Our technicians apply a solvent that binds to the oil so it can be extracted. 


Yes, we do. Besides soil damage, leather loses moisture and softness over time. Professional cleaning doesn’t just clean leather upholstered furniture. The process also opens the pores of the leather so they’re able to accept rejuvenating moisturizers. Yes, in many respects, we’re treating your leather furniture to a day at the spa when it’s cleaned! 

Carpet and area rug fibers also have specific characteristics, and they can be damaged by using incorrect cleaning solutions to remove stains. Wool and nylon fiber carpets generally stand up well to being treated for stains. But polyester and olefin fibers must be treated with special solutions to remove oil-based stains. We’re trained to look at both the stain and the fabric of the upholstery or the fiber of the carpet. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

It’s understandable to think that powerful, professional cleaning methods can damage grout. The truth is that our methods are actually gentler than the harsh chemicals you’ll find in DIY grout cleaning solutions. The difference is that our eco-friendly, gentle methods are far more effective. 

Urine crystals will remain, and they’re deeply embedded in both the carpet fibers, as well as maybe the carpet pad. Professional cleaning is the only way to resolve this. The important thing to remember is that we get used to smells. All evidence of your pet’s accident may be long gone. Unfortunately, the odor will remain.

The sooner you can remove the water and start the drying process, the less damage you’ll have to repair. That’s why it’s important to call our 24-hour number as soon as you’re aware of the problem. We can save more of your cherished belongings. Our motto is “repair, not replace.” 

We use a professional-grade wood cleaner powerful enough to get at the dirt that will elude you—yet gentle enough to guarantee that no damage is done to the protective coating on your hardwood. All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly. We’ll leave your floors looking awesome, and our eco-friendly cleaning solutions won’t be any lingering cleaning odors. Cleaning is the important first step. We also give you the option to apply a preservative that’ll protect your hardwood floors from UV sunlight damage.

Professionally cleaning your vinyl flooring helps to retain its attractive luster. Detergents and other floor cleaning solutions can be abrasive. We use eco-friendly solutions that are specifically designed to clean the finish—not the vinyl itself. It adds a protective layer to the vinyl flooring that makes it easier to keep clean!