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24Hr Emergency Flood & Water Damage Repair

The most important thing to know about water damage is that the sooner you bring in professionals, the less costly it’s doing to be. Water spreads fast. It’s absorbed into your carpet, and furniture as well as your floors and walls. The damage begins in less than an hour. 

It’s crucial to get rid of that water as soon as possible. It’s just as important to properly extract the water from your carpets and furniture. In less than a day, the wooden frames of your furniture can begin to swell and crack. You’ll even begin to notice a musty odor developing.

It takes only about 2 days for wood flooring to begin to swell and warp. By that time, mold can begin growing on your wet carpeting and furniture. Mold is a serious issue.

The sooner you can remove the water and start the drying process, the less damage you’ll have to repair. That’s why it’s important to call our 24-hour number as soon as you’re aware of the problem. We can save more of your cherished belongings. Our motto is “repair, not replace.”

IMPORTANT: Don’t wait for your insurance company to get involved. They are a crucial part of water damage repair—you’re paying for that protection if you have that coverage. But they may not be as quick to respond as the people who will do the actual water damage repair—and that’s us!