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Tile And Grout Cleaning

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We have a love/hate relationship with grout. It has an important job. Grout locks tiles tight, and it prevents water and dirt from getting in between the tiles. Grout also makes floors stronger by bonding the tiles together and preventing their edges from cracking or chipping. Unfortunately, grout is not easy to keep clean. 

Many tile floors have sanded grout. The sand helps bulk up the grout, and it keeps the grout from shrinking in the joints. The rough surface loves to collect dirt—which seems nearly impossible to get out. Professional cleaning solves this headache, but it also does much more.

Your tile floors will last longer. Soil doesn’t just look unattractive. Throw some under a microscope and you’ll see that it has sharp, jagged edges. It’s highly abrasive. Regular deep cleaning of your tile will prevent the protective glaze from becoming dull. Removed of abrasive soil, your grout can continue to do its job of protecting the integrity of your floors.

Grout has a porous nature. It’s a magnet for bacteria and germs. Where do we usually have tiles? In our kitchens and bathrooms. Those are two places we want to keep as clean and sanitary as possible. It means you’re probably using harsh cleaning chemicals on kitchen and bathroom tile and grout. You may get at more germs, but you’re also removing the luster of the tile, and you’re damaging the grout.

A professional cleaning can do in under an hour what might take you days to achieve, in terms of cleaning your tile and grout—and you still wouldn’t be able to match the deep level of cleaning. There’s another important reason why this is best left to a professional. Not all tiles are created equally.

It’s understandable to think that powerful, professional cleaning methods can damage grout. The truth is that our methods are gentler than the harsh chemicals you’ll find in DIY grout cleaning solutions. The difference is that our eco-friendly, gentle methods are far more effective.


Marble tiles make beautiful floors, but this stone tile needs some extra care to keep it looking beautiful. That’s because marble is porous, so it’s easily stained or etched by acidic foods.

Your marble floors should be sealed regularly to protect the porous surface. This will prevent acidic spills from etching the stone, or alkaline spills from leaving rough spots on the surface. If you do spill something on your marble floor, blot it up as soon as possible. Don’t be stingy with the water. Rinse the area thoroughly.

  • Fruit juice and carbonated beverages are not a marble floor’s friend. Their acidity will etch the marble’s shiny surface. Be sure to wipe up spills like this as soon as they occur.
  • Butter in the kitchen. Hand lotion in the bathroom. Both oil-based substances are bad news for marble floors. Remove any excess and then use an absorbent fine powder such as corn starch to pull the rest of the oil-based substance out of the porous stone.